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About us

Company “TIS Eco” was established in 2008 to implement projects of MSW biogas production, collection and further use for energy purposes. “TIS Eco” is part of "TIS" (production of building materials, logistics, development) group of companies.

Our mission

The main goal is to minimize the negative impact of Municipal Solid Waste landfills (MSW) on the environment in Ukraine by collecting and using the landfill gas (biogas).

The aim is to support and help the execution of Ukraine's obligations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions under the Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and to support the development of local alternative energy sources market.



The strategy is based on building effective business processes to create an attractive environment for investors and to make energy projects on Ukrainian landfills economically feasible.

While implementing the world's most proven technologies of landfill gas extraction and utilization we use a maximum of locally produced supplies.

We actively participate in developing of cooperation and information exchange among organizations that carry out the national programs for environmental safety and alternative energy sources developement.

TIS Eco Ltd. is a member of International Commercial Chamber Ukraine (ICC Ukraine), which performs GREENERGY Initiative, - initiative on alternative energy development in Ukraine. http://iccua.org/energy/




LLC "TIS Eco" offers a quick and quality implementation of engineering solutions in the following types of activities:

-complex projects in the fields of alternative energy;

-function of the general designer, general contractor, the project of construction works;

-project activities (civil, engineering and power engineering objects);

-engineering works, maintenance of technical supervision;

-assembly, disassembly, adjustment, repair, maintenance of high-risk devices: technological equipment, lineal parts and elements of  natural and liquefied gas business entities and settlements, as well as gas equipment that has power above 100kW;

-installation of metal constructions;

-installation of ventilation and air conditioning;

-construction and installation, wiring, commissioning and maintenance work at the power voltage up to 110kV;

-electrical measuring-testing laboratory;

-commissioning, environmental and heat engineering tests;

-energy audit.




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