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Project description

The project purpose is - biogas collection and use as an alternative energy source, from MSW landfills of Mariupol.

The plan for the collection of biogas at two Mariupol landfills (on Primorsky and Ordzhonikidzevsky polygons) includes: the construction of degassing systems, including wells, covering the entire surface of the landfill, where the radius of the affected area will be determined by the characteristics of the polygon; the construction of pipeline systems connecting wells to the gas gathering points; and construction of biogas pumping stations and a flare for permanent burning of biogas surplus.

The obtained biogas will be utilized in cogeneration plants with a maximum total capacity of 1.25 (polygon number 1) and 1.5 MW (polygon number 2). The produced electrical energy will be sold to the distribution network for a "green" tariff, and will be partially used for the needs of the degassing system, heat energy will be forwarded to nearby businesses or used for the needs of personal greenhouse farming.

In compliance with Ukrainian and European requirements and standards in metrology, special monitoring sysems will be installed to monitor the amount of biogas utilized and calculate the number of ERUs obtained at the sites.


Implementation stages

For each landfill (polygon) the project has 2 stages:

Stage 1

- 2009-2010. (Primorsky polygon)

- 2011 (Ordzhonikidzevsky polygon):

- Pre-survey activities.

- The assessment of the biogas collection estimates.

- The development and coordination of biogas collection and utilization project.

- The construction of biogas collection system.

- The flare and compressor station installation for biogas pumping and burning.

- Testing period for the installed biogas handling systems.

- Collecting data on the quantity and quality of biogas obtained.

- Covering the landfill with a special geomembrane to reduce emissions and increase the efficiency of biogas collection.

- Monitoring the change in volumes of biogas production to determine the effectiveness of the geomembrane coating.

- Specifying the requirements (type and capacity) for cogeneration plants, the purchase of cogeneration plants.

Stage 2

- 2010-2025. (Primorsky polygon)

- 2012-2025 gg. (Ordzhonikidzevsky polygon):

- Cogenerators installation.

- Start of the electricity and heat production.

Project's technical data

- The number of wells per polygon is from 30 to 40.

- The total length of pipeline systems per polygon is up to 10 km.

- The amount of produced biogas is 630 m3/h or 4.7 million m 3/year in average. Estimated amount of biogas obtained during the project being 70.0 million m3 of biogas (from two landfills) or ranging from 35 to 53 million m3 of methane.

- Average amount of electricity produced is about 1.0 MW / hour or 8.0 GW ∙ h / year.

- Average amount of heat obtained — 1,5 MW / h, 12,5 GW ∙ h / year.

- Average number of ERUs — appx. 40 000 tons of CO2 eq / year.

- Expedient operation time for the degassing systems and cogeneration plants is at least 15 years.

The project will help to:

- Significantly improve the security of landfills by preventing the fires inside the waste layers.

- Reduce the amount of hazardous toxic (and carcinogenic) organic compounds (aromatic hydrocarbons, formaldehydes, dioxins, etc.) reaching the atmosphere from the surface of landfills.

- Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an amount, equivalent to 40 tons of carbon dioxide per year, in average, by preventing methane emissions from reaching the air.

- Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by using biogas instead of natural gas in electricity production.

- Reduce emissions of organic compounds with an unpleasant odor by technological remediation.

- Reduce the quantity and toxicity of the leachate collected from landfills by covering the sites with waterproof materials and preventing the infiltrating rainwater from reaching the solid waste buried in the landfill.

- Improve the overall environmental situation in the surroundings of MSW landfills.

- Help to save about 2.3 million m3 of natural gas per year in average, by utilizing the produced biogas.


Mariupol municipal council

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